P.zza Roma, 23
Molini di Triora, Province of Imperia 18010
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About Us

Our hotel restaurant was opened in 1897 by the Great-Grandmother Rosetta on the day of Pentecost. Since then, generations have alternated in the conduct of the room.We offer a daily local cuisine, using the raw materials that come from the family farm The "Tenuta di Meregone." Extra virgin olive oil to flavor our dishes taggiasca annafiandoli with our Ormeasco Pornassio, full-bodied wine and genuine.The menu changes every day depending on what is being harvested in our fields. Our kitchen can not be defined at zero distance, but at three miles, the same distance that separates us from our land. The dining room of the restaurant, like a small family museum, transfers the wealth of remains from the past. From old porcelain dishes to field tools, from the old gramophone to antique radios, pictures and documents in order to go back to a time that is no longer here. There is the cuisine though. That taste of good, which brings us back to the time when, happy children, we used to visit my grandmother in the countryside, has remained untouched . It is not difficult to make tasty dishes when you are not in a hurry; if every day, vegetables from our land, come to natural maturation, arrive on the shelves of the kitchen ... If you try to put your passion before all. When in winter the old American stove warms hands which are numb from the cold, memories of the stories of great-grandmother Chiarina come to mind: when in the morning, at five o'clock, around the stove, dozens of farmers and landowners fed on "Trippe accommodate con fagioli" (tripe with beans) or "Zimino di ceci” (chickpeas soup) or "Mesciuta di legumi” (mixed pulses), before stepping on the diligence, sitting on the mule or (more often) walking for hours to go to the hard work of the fields. Being here after all this time with the same commitment, certainly means not having disregarded the hopes of our ancestors, but above all, we have taken care of your needs for one hundred and fifteen years ... Our longevity is mainly due to the pleasure we feel when we meet your expectations.