About Us

A little bit about us:

Hi, RJ here...

We are a full service company offering DJ events, Karaoke, PowerPoint presentations and special effects (lights, fog, bubbles, decorations, etc.), including dramatic Uplighting.

First: We have NEVER missed -or shown up late- at an event! We are associated with several other hand picked DJs and we are all ready to cover for each other in the event of an illness or emergency!

Second: We provide "failure free" events. We always back up your music on CDs or USB drives in case of a computer failure! You should never even know we had a problem, because the music plays without a hitch!

Next: A few years ago, I was a guest at a wedding. The bride's grandmother was crying because she missed the cutting of the cake while she was in the bathroom. We ALWAYS announce an upcoming event several minutes prior to the occurance. I don't ever want to see grandma cry again...


MUSIC: We can offer Bach to Zydeco, Hank Williams Sr. to LMFAO. If by chance we don't have what you're looking for, we will try to get it for you. 

LIGHTS: Lasers, sound activated lights, and Uplighting for a great dramatic effect.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Fog machines, ground fog machines, bubble machines, sound activated lights, lasers and Uplighting. 

EQUIPMENT: We designed our systems to be a "building block" concept. Our smallest system can handle 50 guests. With our largest combination we can probably handle up to 800 guests. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Getting married by a creek, by a lake -or- in a park with no power in sight? Ask about our professional battery powered system and forget the noisy generator...