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About Us

Roberto Falck Photography is a boutique photography studio located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

Roberto opened the studio with two goals in mind: To create artistic portraits of people and to give his clients a unique experience that will be remembered and cherished for generations.

Whether it is a maternity portrait, baby, child, family portrait or couples getting married, Roberto creates unique images that find the beauty and the essence of each one of his subjects. His greatest challenge is to capture that moment, that slice of life, that his clients feel is so representative of who they are.

Roberto's interest and desire for finding such moments have made him look for alternative ways of photographing people, like creating portraits underwater. This approach brings out a different side of people and gives an ethereal feel to the images making them unique and artistic.

Roberto has been shooting professionally for more than ten years and has traveled internationally photographing weddings and working on his own photography projects. The studio, which opened in June 2006, has experienced a tremendous growth. It started as a one man operation and has grown to a team of 6 in one year!!

He started his career when studying at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. He took a introductory black and white photography class, and since then he hasn't stop learning about the medium. Mostly self taught, he has developed an eye for design and color that takes part in all his work.

The love for traveling has taken his photography out on the road, capturing images of people and places that cross his way. In an effort to capture the essence of these new places he concentrates in the people and their cultural uniqueness, paying close attention to the colors, forms and moments that each one of them has. Some of the places that he has visited in his journey are Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Egypt, and Jordan.

To see some of his travel work go to www.robertofalck.com

Roberto has exhibited his work in a number of occasions in his native Ecuador and in New York City, and has received several awards.