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About Us

With over twenty years of creating magical moments and dazzling displays of culinary perfection, Robert and his staff will provide custom menus to satisfy your individual needs.

Whether your choose an elegant setting at one of the valley's magnificent homes, a sit down dinner at your corporate headquarters, serving hundreds at the country club, or the simplicity of a backyard feast... Robert's Catering will create a menu that will dazzle you and your guests. We use only the finest ingredients and deliver excellence in every meal we serve. Our menu selections are chosen from the best that Roberts has to offer. For a complete listing, click below to download our entire entree selection.

Carved Meats
Our carved meats are selected from choice cuts of prime meat. We can prepare a wide selection of pork, lamb, prime rib, or steak cooked to mouthwatering perfection. Imagine presenting your guests with off-the-bone prime rib served with Au Jus and a selective horseradish sauce.

A difference you can taste! Robert's vegetables are prepared fresh and on-location. We don't freeze or preserve our servings which guarantees you that "fresh from the farmers market' taste. We carry prepare an infinite variety of selections from broccoli and cauliflower to sautéed green beans or Carrots Frangelico.

At Roberts, we can't even begin to describe our salads. They are tossed from the choicest blend of lettuce and greens and are prepared fresh on-the-spot. Our Three Lettuce Salad with Robert's special- blend of honey mustard dressing is the best in the business.

Start with the freshest boneless-skinless chicken breasts available on the market then prepare them to perfection and you can understand why people rave about our chicken dishes. There is no other way to describe our poultry. Robert's uses only 'farm fresh' chicken in all our menus to deliver outstanding taste to you. Choose from a variety of dishes including Chicken Parmesan or Chicken Brooklyn to our special Chicken Marsala with mushrooms, shallots, and Marsala wine that's cooked with special herbs and spices until perfection.

Potatoes - Rice - Pasta
Dazzle you palate with the wide variety of potato, rice, and pasta dishes available at Roberts. We believe your side dish should enhance and compliment your main entrée, that's why our talented staff can help you choose the best combination. Select from a variety of dishes such as rosemary garlic roasted potatoes, basmati rice with orange zest or the delicious pine nuts and currants served with saffron butter. If that's not enough to entice your taste buds, you have to try our Rigatoni with wild mushrooms lightly covered in Italian cream sauce and baby spinach.