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Robin Watson has a background in fine art, fashion and photo journalism. She is easygoing and flexible. She is based in Manhattan but loves to travel worldwide to cover events.


"I so love and trust Robin's skill and talent that she has shot my wedding and my comp card. Additionally, I have had the good fortune to work with her on commercial shoots. Robin's ability to visualize and capture the "whole picture" results in images that truly freeze moments in time. The subject, event, environment and emotion are all alive in Robin's photographs. She is a delight to work with, bringing her confident, creative, fun and relaxed energy to each shoot."- Cathleen Dauenhaur-model, actress and wedding client-New York, New York

"Our wedding will be enjoyed for generations due to Robin's excellent work! Her photojournalism skills are simply brilliant! Our photos are stylish yet timeless. Robin captured the special moments of our wedding and reception as they were unfolding instead of trying to have us recreate them just for the camera. We could not have dreamt for a more wonderful photographer to work with."- Dr. and Mrs. Randall Ehrlich- wedding client-New York, New York

"Robin has a unique ability to capture emotion in her photographs. What she creates are more than simple pictures. It is recording history. It is a record of what people are experiencing in the moment. Not to mention the whole non-stress environment in which she works...." Lissa Longacre-wedding and portrait client-Boyertown, PA

"Robin Watson has the phenomenal ability to capture the essence of the spirit in a photograph. She has documented every special event and milestone we've celebrated in the last 5 years. She captured the sweetness and innocence of our newborn children, the joy of family weddings, the beauty of our relationship and the warmth of our love. She is our archivist and historian but more importantly a brilliantly talented artist who's medium is photography." Rick and Kelly Biesecker-wedding and portrait client- Villanova, PA

"Robin offered a soft gentleness to the bride and the family on a day that was happy but stressful. She passed on that gentleness through her camera to the images she produced. We could actually see the love of the couple displayed on the photographs!"-Dr. and Mrs. Jack Lignelli-parents of the bride/wedding client- St. Michaels, MD

"Robin works in such an organic, easy way...she's confident and moves with the moment. My wedding pictures are like a cinematic story, she captures the realness, the inhales and the exhales of why wedding days are so magical...it's almost as if she has a sixth sense about the space between the moments when people are most open and expressive, even in the quiet still times....When I look at the photos Robin took I go right back to the feeling of the day, the conversations I had, the intimate moments with my husband, family, and friends that fill me with joy."- Maria Gingrich-wedding client-Rohoboth Beach, DE