1800 Bridgegate Street ste 104
Westlake Village, CA 91361
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About Us

AaaaaahhhhhHH! You have a lot of planning to do don't you? We'll try and make this as pleasant as a pizza buffet. No potholes on this ride. Here's what to expect from Rockrose (besides delicious floral creations):

  • Contact us
  • Set up a free consultation. We know you're busy, so we'll come to you!
  • If you like our ideas (and you will) we'll get right to work on a full detailed quote for your event and mail it to you.
  • Set up a second meeting to fine tune and check out some samples of your stuff
  • Hire us and leave a 10 percent deposit to hold your date
  • Call us with any questions, concerns, or modifications
  • Pay the remaining 90 percent two weeks prior to your event
  • Enjoy your big day, breathe in every molecule of it, you deserve it!

A perfect pairing of business in the front and party in the back, Rockrose is Freddie Scocco and Bree Franzen. A yin and yang, Freddie thinks clear is color and Bree thinks rainbow is a color. A bit organic, a bit rock 'n roll, a bit futurama, yet they dream with old souls.

Relax... you're in good hands. These two have been pushing petals since Alanis Morisette screeched "You Oughta Know!" This is no ordinary love and neither is yours. Let's all be unordinary together shall we? And besides... who doesn't want a little rock?