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With proven success , the doctors have developed OTC strength of their perscription formulas for many skin problems that you may have.  With our "Solution Tools" on my site we can asses your needs and recommend a regimen to give you the skin you have always wanted.  Your wedding pictures will be gorgeous and you will  be confident that your skin and your photos will be as radiant as you are.  There are four formulas, depending on your skin problems.  Anti-age for younger looking skin- it's never too early to start.  Reverse for sun damaged skin-dark spots and dark areas and dullnes. Soothe-for sensitive, irritated skin and redness. Unblemish for acne and post-acne marks. These products will come directly to your door via Fed-Ex with free delivery and discounts for our perfererd customers with our PC Perks program.  The right ingrediance+ the right formula+the right=Mutli-Med Therapy=beautiful skin. All this with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. 


Your entire wedding party, including moms and dads can benefit from our products.