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About Us

I have officiated at hundreds of Weddings and Ceremonies of Holy Union since completing my graduate education and intensive training to become an ordained minister in a liberal religious association that is committed to the right of individual spiritual/theological belief. With you, as in every ceremony I have officiated, I will work to ensure that your ceremony is a reflection of your love and your unique relationship.

As we work together I will keep foremost in my mind my commitment to create with you a ceremony that honors the love, relationship, beliefs and priorities you share. All of my training and ministry has been in culturally, racially, theologically, emotionally and economically diverse settings. As a Unitarian Universalist minister I am committed to the right of individual religious/ spiritual belief. My work in interfaith settings has given me a special sensitivity to couples who come from different religious traditions or who have separated from the religious affiliation of their childhood. I will also guide and support you through any family dynamics so that your wedding experience will be the wonderful event you have dreamed about and want. I will work with you to create a ceremony by blending your family traditions or find a way to honor the traditions of your elders without losing or compromising what you want your wedding to be.

When I meet with you and learn what is important to you I will provide you some samples and suggestions for a ceremony. At our next meeting we will discuss your ideas and preferences and begin to plan your ceremony together. Secular, spiritual or religious - I can help you determine the most important elements for you to have in your wedding ceremony. I can provide premarital counseling if you wish as I have with many other couples.

My practice is housed in Heights Healing Arts, either the receptionist or the voice mail menu will ensure that we will connect then or soon thereafter. I look forward to beginning the exciting effort that will result in the wedding ceremony that is most meaningful for you, the ceremony that best reflects the special romance that is yours.