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About Us

You dreamt it and spent arduous months making it happen…
Your wedding day is a special occasion which took a long time to coordinate: dress, tux, rings, food, guests, location, flowers…the list goes on. Allow me to ease the tension and take an item off your plate - the chronicling of your day.

You can't be everywhere and you need to know what happened…
While everyone's eyes are on you, yours will be on your lover's eyes, solidifying a promise to love, cherish, and nurture one another for an eternity. While everyone's eyes are on you, my team's will be on them to ensure that every laugh, every sigh, every tear is captured for you to relish time and time again.

Your memoir and no one else's…
In life every individual is unique, by the same token, so is their wedding day. So shouldn't every wedding movie be different as well? I believe this to be the case, which is why I work hard to get to know you intimately. This way your project is not a pre-set mold used for everyone; instead your wedding movie will be a close resemblance of you.

I know how hard you worked for this day, how you yearn to remember every detail, and how meaningful it is to you that it be done just for you…let us capture it all.