About Us

It has been said before, a cliche if ever there were one, that a wedding is a series of a thousand fleeting moments. And there is not a single moment that will last forever. The guests will go home, the cake will get eaten, and the flowers will eventually die.

But you know this, of course.

So what endures? There is something that lasts from your wedding day and it will sustain you throughout your marriage. But it is not a moment or even a series of moments. Rather, it is a current that runs between the two of you, the best qualities about each of you that come together to create infinite hope, epic courage and unbounded love. It is in every touch, every laugh, every look. It is the essence of who you are.

Thus, what I believe is my responsibility to bear witness to that, so that what also endures is not simply a string of recorded moments, but in fact, an imprint of the core of who you are.