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About Us

Imagine flying to your wedding reception in one of our helicopters! Imagine the buzz if you were dropped off in front of the church or ceremony site! Or let us take you to your bachelor/bachelorette party! The possibilities are endless; the excitement and memories are forever.

Rotors of the Rockies, Inc. began operations in 2001 with one helicopter and one pilot. Today, we maintain a fleet of five helicopters and employ twelve certified flight instructors who are all ready to fly you to your wedding ceremony or reception.

Most of our flight training is done in Schweizer 300C helicopters, the safest, most reliable piston helicopter available. Schweizers are uniquely suited to Colorado's high altitude, and like all Schweizer products, have no special FAA safety restrictions. We follow a strict maintenance schedule, and we have an open-book maintenance policy.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you have a thrilling and memorable wedding day. Our charter price is $ 800/hour + $50/hr for the pilot.