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About Us

Photography has been a passion of mine since 1988; much of which has been dedicated to wedding, portrait and photojournalism. My professional career started as a photojournalist several years ago for various newspapers and magazines. From that point, I ventured off into family and wedding photography. Over the years, I believe that my talents have been crafted by God and every opportunity that I have, I allow Him to speak through the lens of my camera.

We believe that wedding photography is more than just a group of pictures portraying people, places or things. To truly capture the moment, the visuals must reflect the excitement, energy, and emotion of your wedding day. These are the images that become the lasting memories of your wedding album. A photographer has only one opportunity to capture the true elegance of a special event, so you can be assured on every occasion, your story will be told in pictures.

Our photographic style is focused on combining the elegance of portraiture and the spontaneity of photojournalism. We prefer to use 35mm, digital and 6 x 4.5 medium format equipment, all of which are excellent for all types of photography.

You can feel confident that every opportunity will be treated as the "first and last."