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About Us

If you’re planning a wedding and have prior experience or inside knowledge about what disc jockeys are like, I'm confident you will be happy you've found me. I offer the utmost in dependability, quality, good taste, personalized service, and unmatched expertise; the most important yet least likely values to find all together in one disc jockey. You will also be happy to know that I never announce using the typical animated lounge voice nor do I announce using clichés and jokes like so many other disc jockeys.

My goal has always been to provide the absolute best quality disc jockey service available. To ensure this high level of quality, I never send out other disc jockeys -- that would compromise my quality and reputation. As a native Southern Californian, I have ties to all areas and will happily accommodate your wedding location from San Diego to Laguna Beach and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. I’m ready to help you with the most important day of your life and to see that you get the best results from the key person who will determine your reception's style and overall ambiance -- the disc jockey and master of ceremonies. -Russ Messick

Russ, “Christina and I really don’t know how to thank you enough for all of the time you put into our wedding. All of the music at the reception was complimented by everyone. And our wedding music was like a dream (we even got my mom to cry during the candle lighting).” Thank you so much, Tamara N.

“Thanks again for everything, Russ! You did a great job - we had a wonderful time!” Erin & Christian

Dear Russ, “Thank you so much for the professional Program you provided at the wedding of our daughter, Elaina, and Peter last Friday. It was so helpful to know that you were taking care of all the details. Every detail that you were responsible for was perfect, and for that, we are grateful and pleased. We would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone!” Sincerely, Dewayne & Helen

Ceremonial Music
Many brides and grooms prefer digital ceremonial music versus live music because of its dynamic range, accuracy, and crystal clear sound. I can play any style of ceremonial music; however, the traditional classical ceremonial music is still very popular. I gradually increase the volume throughout the ceremony in order to highlight the importance of each stage and to draw attention to the bride.

Wireless Microphone
A wireless microphone will greatly enhance the overall presence of your ceremony. I use a top quality and discreet wireless microphone that is worn by your officiate which will pick up your wedding vows as well. Your guest capacity should not play a factor on whether you opt to use a wireless microphone, but rather the fact that there are involuntary noises such as planes, cars, babies crying, and sneezing/coughing. Your guests are sure to appreciate this additional service, especially those who are hearing impaired.

"What sets you apart from other disc jockeys?”
I offer the utmost in dependability, quality, good taste, personalized service, and unmatched wedding expertise; the most important yet least likely values to find all together in one disc jockey. Since your wedding is going to be remembered as a once in a lifetime and life changing event, and as someone that has a since of quality and good taste -- the intelligent thing to do is to give yourself the assurance of having a disc jockey that is consistent at delivering the ideal and best service available. The Reception page explains in detail how what I offer is nothing like what other disc jockeys offer.

"How will your wedding expertise help me with my wedding?"
Because I have been disc jockeying and MCing weddings exclusively for over 18 years, I am able to gracefully guide your wedding in ways no other disc jockey can. I will notice things at your wedding that other disc jockeys will not notice. If what I notice is within my grasp where I can make a difference in maintaining the smooth progression of your reception, you can be assured I will do it. I am very much into my craft and put myself in the shoes of my brides and grooms who hire me. ..

With my experience, you can be assured
that your ceremonial music will be conducted flawlessly.
Knowing this, you will be more relaxed and able to enjoy this important moment.