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About Us

S Dill Photographic Design is a small and exclusive studio for a reason - more personalized service. On the wedding day, the bride and groom will spend more time with the photographer than any other person. To make that experience pleasant, you must be comfortable with the photographer. Some Studios have grown so large, they are working with a staff of photographers and, though competent at photography, you may never meet the person shooting your wedding until that momentous day. Not with S Dill Photographic Design. I am owner, photographer and customer service representative. I have kept the business small and commit to only one wedding on a day so that I can devote my full attention to you and your event.

Portrait Journalism - a wedding style reflecting my work in the major metropolitan areas of Chicago, New York, Kansas City, Cleveland and St. Louis. Thirty plus years of wedding photography experience is now located in the Sandhill/Triangle area, bringing you a unique blend of traditional, casual, and photojournalism. From that central location we are happy to move throughout North and South Carolina to provide for your photographic needs. More and more brides are planning destination weddings and her location/destination is our opportunity to provide beautiful memories in that location. Do you have a special place, an important spot that has been a part of your life together? That excites us as much as it does you and as time permits we will be in that location to help remember it forever.

The modern bride is quite discriminating and our experience allows us to provide the most beautiful photography in a style that suits her unique taste.

Digital photography has become the norm today and has provided a new and exciting opportunity to both photographer and client. In years past, when the wedding day was done and the pictures were "in the can" the photographers job was done. Digital has opened a whole new realm of creativity as the photographer now begins manipulating those images to bring out the best in the participants, locations and "look" of the wedding.

Over the years we have heard horror stories of wedding days monopolized by pushy photographers taking huge chunks of time to get the pictures they wanted, the frustration and disappointment then overwhelming the entire day. Photography is very important on the wedding day but it is a record of the events not the controller of the event. The timing of the various aspects of the wedding day should and always will be at the discretion of the wedding couple, not Steve. Working together we will always keep "photo sessions" to the barest minimum to prevent the bride and groom from being forced to build their day around photography. It should and will be the other way around.