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About Us

“I founded Islay Events after 20 years of designing and managing events for companies and individuals realizing that there is a need for a 360 degree view of an event.  All the pieces of an event and how they intertwine must be considered and thought through wisely relying on experience and knowledge to find the best solution.  No two projects are the same so our ability to draw on a large collection of diverse experiences in the industry gives us the wealth of real world knowledge you need.  My promise is that no matter how large or small the event or our role is in we will go the extra mile to ensure you and your guests have a perfect time.  Please consider us for your next event."

-  Jeremy Cable, Founder and Owner

At Islay events we develop your event design by listening to your vision, goals and ideas, then matching them with our experience in crafting events. We begin by listening and learning what your dreams and visions are. Every project is based on a targeted consultation, which develops a strategy in line with your needs.

From a small wedding sound system to designing and supporting highly prestigious VIP events, we pay attention to every detail.  Build schedules, budgets, layouts and scripts to create a comprehensive plan for a flawless event.

Our years of onsite experience enable us to coordinate the various different phases, starting with the initial design stage to ensure dependable planning right from the very beginning. The attention in the beginning stages results in additional benefits for you special day, including reduced installation times, lower costs, and a team at the event that is tailored to the event. This result is an experience that will hold up to the most discerning guests standards.