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With a background in fashion that includes stints in New York City and Paris, Sarah Lansdale brings fresh ideas and a savvy perspective to pillow design. Her acute attention to detail and the distinctive personal touch she gives each pillow result in Sarah’s ability to create custom ring pillows as unique as the bride herself. Choose from an array of exclusive hand-picked fabrics, crystals, pearls, buttons and ribbon in Sarah’s design studio or, for a true heirloom pillow, combine your own sentimental fabrics such as bits of a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown or pieces of a bridesmaid’s gown. Whether you are looking for a ring pillow for your wedding or a gift pillow for an expectant mom or precious newborn, Sarah’s design expertise can accommodate any style be it classic simplicity, extreme extravagance or anything in between.

Sarah Lansdale first started sewing as a young girl thanks to the urging and persistence of her grandmothers (both former sewing instructors) who taught her everything she knows. Combining her love of fashion, sewing and foreign languages, Sarah travels frequently throughout Europe and other parts of the world to seek out unique fabrics and embellishments for use on her fabulous creations. Her extensive travels also serve as inspiration for her designs.

Sarah Lansdale is based in Denver, Colorado but is available to clients nationwide and around the globe.