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About Us

At Schnack Studios it is our unwavering mission to combine contemporary wedding photography with top-quality products and the best customer service possible. Our dedication to these values has made John Schnack one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in California.

The photographic essay has long been one of the most powerful ways to tell a story. It is my view that, unlike words on a page, a story told through images provides the viewer with a completely different way to interpret the tale, thus creating a greater 'theatre of the mind' experience.

Your wedding day makes the perfect setting for a photographic essay. In fact, I approach every wedding I photograph with the goal of making a 'Day in the Life' book. Each picture stands alone as a single moment in time, eliciting from the viewer certain feelings and emotions. Yet, that single image, when placed in the context of other images, becomes an integral piece in the story of your wedding.