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About Us

Scott Evans is an Atlanta based photographer with 25 years of full-time professional photography experience. Please feel free to look around his site; there are many sample photos to see, as well as pricing information and helpful links for the wedding planner. So take a little time and see it all and remember...."True Art Has No Rules."

Wedding Packages:

The Eclipse style of album has an aluminum cover with your favorite wedding photo etched on the front.

The page layouts are very cool as they are not "the same old thing." This style of album is different from the Designer style of album because Scott designs the layouts first, and then counts up the pages. He then orders an album custom bulit to hold that exact amount of pages. So, in this case the album is built around the photographs instead of the other way around. (Please note this album is also offered in the Custom Coffee Table Style.)

The Designer style albums hold 48 pages and around 80-120 prints depending on their size. Prints can be any size from wallets to 10"x10" and all sizes in between.

Way COOL, not like anything else you might see. Your best friends album will not look like this.

Parents Albums
Parents albums are available in several different configurations.

Friday Night Weddings
Low cost , High Quality, No Muss, No Fuss, Have a Good Time and Go Home.

Couples Portraits
Sometimes Hot and Steamy, sometimes just cute. But always shows your love. (Scott must have heard too many Barry White Albums as a child.)