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About Us

After photographing over 400 weddings I have seen many trends come and go, and I have watched the number of wedding photographers multiply many times over. When I shot my first wedding, we had never dreamed of digital cameras, computer editing, the internet or even cell phones! Today, experience matters more than ever in wedding photography.

In 2010, couples have never had more photographers to choose from , but it also makes the decision more confusing. I can answer all of your questions about prices, styles and packages, I can explain exactly how pricing works, what you are paying for, and the risks or benefits of hiring the most (or least) expensive photographers. I would love the opportunity to explain everything about wedding photography to you and take all of the mystery out of it, so you can make the best decision.

Being a great wedding photographer is about more than just making great photos, it is about HOW the photography happens and how to use time effectively. It's about making great photography quick and fun, without wasting valuable time on your wedding day! (Everyone has seen or heard about the bride who missed 2 hours of her own reception doing photos!) While most of my wedding photography is undirected, candid moments, I will help you make a precise plan to quickly and easily get all the important family and group photos, as well as the bride and groom photos you want without missing priceless time with your guests and enjoying your reception. It's your day, not the photographers!

Being a very busy full time commercial photographer allows me to offer great wedding photography at reasonable prices to fit almost any budget. (Please visit www.gibsonpix.com to see my range of work.) I love shooting both large and small weddings, some of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen have been just the couple, officiant and myself, where I sign as the witness on the marriage license.

I live in Santa Barbara, and I am happy to meet you here any time for a free, no obligation engagement portrait and to discuss your wedding! Please call any time.

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