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About Us

You know what you want and you have searched everywhere, but just haven't found the right design -- something that fits your taste and personality, yet also sets the tone of your special day and fits your budget. Well, you can finally give that sigh of relief you've been waiting for because you've found the right place!

Sealed With Appeal is ready to help you express your wedded bliss through stationery and print design that is as unique as your creative vision. We want to make this part of the wedding process an enjoyable experience and lavish you with personal attention throughout the process. After all, the only hitch in your wedding should be you and your fiancée!

Sealed With Appeal offers a wide selection of stationery and print services especially with you in mind. We provide superior, professional design at great rates. Allow us to create a new design distinctly for you or choose from our growing selection of exclusive designs.

The Importance of Paper: Your ideas from think to ink
Wedding invitations set the tone for the wedding; they are the first exposure most people will have to your wedding, and will create your guests' first impressions. Not only do your invitations tell them where and when your wedding is being held, they subtly tell them how formal it is, how they should dress, and may even influence the types of gifts they send.

Invitations could be one of the most important parts of your wedding stationery, but they are certainly not the only part. Think about incorporating your unique design into a full collection of wedding stationery items personalized to your own specifications!

Not Your Ordinary Stationery Consultant
To label ourselves stationery artists seems so, well, stationary. The thought of what stationery can lead to, however, provides endless possibilities to the creative mind. Though our main focus is stationery and print design, we love the chance to dabble in additional artistic mediums. Notepads, magnets, pens, address labels, stickers ... make sure to inquire if there's something special you're searching for!

Browse our continually growing selection of work and contact us today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate!

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