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About Us

Moving through a moment, Stopping time for just a fraction of a second, While capturing this moment on film forever...

This is what Sean does best.

While barely being seen or heard, and with a photojournalistic style, Sean quietly watches for a special meeting between two hands, or for a loving look between two people, and he captures these moments on film forever.

Whether these moments happen during an engagement session, on your wedding day, or with your family on the beach, Sean has a gift for making sure they will never be lost.

How can one describe their wedding day, or how quickly their child is changing…growing? Oftentimes, words are not enough to describe our life experiences. Photographs last a lifetime and can show the essence of who we are - then are passed on from generation to generation as a reminder of where we came from.

Sean has a deep understanding of this and seeks out moments that you will want to remember and share forever.