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About Us

Naznin Inamdar, certified wedding consultant of Sensational Weddings, cordially invites you to the experience of a lifetime. Your wedding day holds the promise of a beautiful future together. We hold the promise of a stress-free wedding day, filled with nothing but lasting, beautiful memories.

Sensational Weddings specializes in South Asian weddings in the Chicagoland area. In collaboration with the couple, we design a wedding to fit your budget, taste, customs, and religious requirements. We handle all the details, so you don't have to...from procuring the site of your ceremony and reception to the invitations, floral arrangements, photography, and catering. Naznin can even provide professional henna services. So, call Sensational Weddings with your RSVP, or complete our contact form, and tell us your date. We'll take it from there.

Why hire a wedding consultant?
The months prior to your wedding day can be very stressful because of all the things that need to be done—phone calls to make, appointments to keep, the decisions that have to be made, and, the lack of time to do it all.

A Certified Wedding Consultant is a professional who: 1) Will help you plan and personalize your event—all within your budget and time frame; 2) You can rely on to answer etiquette questions 3) Knows how to coordinate all the details of an event with the least amount of hassles 4) Is prepared to handle any problems that arise, leaving you the time to enjoy your family and friends on your wedding day.

No two weddings are alike, nor should they be. Sensational Weddings will listen to you, and suggest ideas. Together, we will create an event that is uniquely you.

There are many factors that work together to create the overall style of your wedding. Sensational Weddings will help design a décor to reflect the mood you desire including:

  • Finding the perfect musicians for both ceremony and reception
  • Vendor referrals that will meet your particular needs
  • Negotiating and reviewing vendor contracts
  • Assisting in the design and layout of invitations that portray the style and formality of your wedding
  • Referring you to photographers and videographers that will perfectly capture your special day

Designing the perfect wedding reception is an involved process. There are so many decisions to be made! We have numerous resources throughout Chicago and the suburbs to help you find the perfect location, caterer, and cake designer.

Brides who hire Sensational Weddings are assured that their cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, and all other aspects of the reception run smoothly, allowing them to experience their day to the fullest. We will help you with:

  • Scouting and booking a ceremony and reception facility
  • Planning an appropriate menu, and deciding on beverages
  • Designing elegant and unique table settings
  • Wedding cake concept and design
  • Centerpiece concept and design
  • Room layout
  • Selecting custom linens and chair covers
  • Hiring wait staff
  • Organizing the activities at the reception

Planning your wedding should be an exciting time. But in today's hectic world, most couples have such demanding work schedules that it makes it difficult to enjoy the wedding-planning period. Sensational Weddings is a complete planning resource. We will be as involved as you would like us to be in planning and scheduling the entire event based on your likes and desired theme.

Our extensive list of resources will provide you with all the services needed to make your wedding "beyond perfection." You can relax, and leave everything to us. We can schedule and coordinate all of the events, so you can fully experience this special time with your family and friends.