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About Us

Seven Daisies is a full-service event management company. Providing outstanding customer service is our passion, purpose and pleasure. We specialize in creating unique, embracing atmospheres for your events. From concept to clean-up, we plan gatherings large and small, from intimate tea parties to polished corporate functions. Our forte is theme based events and we take pride in our ability to bring your ideas to life in a way that welcomes and often astounds your guests. Whether you prefer a traditional style or want to flirt with something quietly daring, we will orchestrate your design elements so that the day turns out picture perfect.

Bridal Event Coordination
Seven Daisies offers a la carte wedding planning services. We'll handle some of your most stressful tasks without the expense of a full-time coordinator.

  • Planning for your shower, dinner, luncheon or other unique gatherings
  • Saves you time and energy by handling communications and transactions with all your chosen vendors in the last 7 days prior to the event

Invitation/RSVP Service

  • Assemble, address and mail your invitations
  • Professionally manage all responses for you, keeping you updated on any unexpected requests
  • We'll promptly relay your wishes to your guests gently and directly

Decor Service

  • Brilliant atmospheres and lavish decorations are our specialties. Let us create them for you!
  • If we help you choose a theme or develop an original of your own, transforming your ideas into alluring surroundings is one of our hallmarks

Choose one or mix and match. Schedule a consult today, we're here for you all "seven daisies" of the week!