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About Us

About the owner:

Makeup is an art to me, and something that can benefit a woman in so many ways. 
When I do makeup, I want it to reflect the personality of that person. 
I want the makeup to let that woman be the woman she wants to be that day with total self confidence! Makeup can completely transform a woman from feeling blah to glamorous and sexy in minutes!

I have been a makeup artist for over 9 years. I knew that this was what I was going to do from the age of 15. After a few years working with Shiseido cosmetics, I decided to go to a celebrity makeup artistry school in Burbank California, MUD. There I was taught by celebrity makeup artists and worked various photo shoots and commercials in the Los Angeles Area. It was an amazing experience, and I feel very lucky to have gone to such a great school and had the chance to work with so many talented artists.
I stayed in California for a while, but decided to move back to my home town in Minnesota to further my career back home. I right away enrolled into Esthetics's school, to receive my Esthetics's license.
I also started working at MAC cosmetics, the leading makeup line for makeup artists. This is where I truly leaned the art of makeup. Doing 20 or more makeup applications every day on so many different types of skin and Ethnicities, having to get everyone done in a short amount of time, and dealing with so many varieties of shades, products and colors gained me the most experience in makeup Artistry. Makeup is not something that someone can just all of a sudden be great at, after attending a few classes, it is an artistic talent, something you need to work at over and over again to truly understand it and feel confident with your skills as an artist. It's something you need to experiment with for many years to get your skills as a true makeup artist. This is where I got to do that all day.
Working at MAC cosmetics, I started doing a lot of bridal makeup at the store, and out of the store. Brides would come in looking for bridal makeup, and then hire me for their big day. I started getting more and more referrals every month, and got pretty busy doing this every weekend. This is when I really found my true passion: Doing bridal makeup! As I was planning out the details of starting my new business, my boyfriend, now husband, proposed! As we were planning our wedding, I was also strategizing how I was going to start this new adventure.
I created a bridal makeup company in Minnesota in 2005, the same year I married my husband, Hans. Being a bride myself, I really got to understand what brides are feeling and what they want. It's difficult planning a wedding when you work full time, so I knew finding the right vendors was extremely important. On my wedding day, I didn't want to do anything, but enjoy our beautiful day and savor every precious moment. I got just that, and I believe every bride deserves to have that too! Every year my business grew and grew and I now have the top, well known photographers, wedding planners and other vendors in the state referring me to their clients. 
In 2010 I was ready to move back to California and start my bridal makeup business here in San Fransisco, where I have gained even more experience in bridal makeup.
Makeup has always been my artistic outlet for me, and has always made me feel at ease. I love how just a little bit of makeup can change someone's entire mood and confidence. I really can say, I love what I do!