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Pricing Packages

Package 1 – $1200

This package includes two True HD cameras with two operators.  We provide footage from the ceremony through the reception.  With Package One you will have us for no less than six hours. (Despite this time limit we will never abandon a client if things run a little long)  This package is best for clients that would like an 8-10 minute short film edited to the music of your choice.  All of our raw footage will also be included on a USB flash drive so you can browse the events of the day in real time.


- 2 True HD Camera / 2 Operators
- 6 or more hours of video service
- Raw footage on USB thumb drive
- DVD with 8-10 minute cinematic short film


Package 2 – $2000

This package offers two True HD cameras with two operators and introduces premium sound of the most important events of the day.  We will arrive a few hours before the ceremony to capture all of the best moments of the bride and groom getting prepared. Pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception will be edited into a beautiful 10-15 minute cinematic short film with music of your choice.  Toasts from the reception will be included in the DVD.


- 2 True HD camera / 2 Operators
- 8 or more hours of video service
- Cinematic video editing (music of your choice)
- Premiere audio
- 2 DVD’s with custom menu


Package 3 – $2800

This package offers everything from package two and so much more.  First, there is no time limit.  We will be with you from the beginning of the day, until the very last moment.  In this package we introduce pre-wedding day coverage.  For the listed price we will film the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner as well as one wedding errand such as cake tasting, flower shopping, etc.  Additional filming will start at $200/hr.


- 2 True HD cameras / 2 Operators
- We will stay as late as it takes to get every last moment
- Cinematic short film 20-30 minutes
- Premium audio
- Two pre-wedding day events.
- Additional filming $200/hr


Special Package 1 - $1000

This is our love story package.  It does not stand alone and must be paired with one of the first three wedding video packages.  This includes interviews of both the bride and groom as well as 4 other family members of your choice.  Don’t worry about what you will say. We will provide the questions and motivation, all you have to do is speak from the heart. Your responses will be edited documentary style and used throughout your wedding short film. If filmed sufficiently in advance we will provide a copy of the interviews for use during the reception if desired.


Special Package 2 – $1000

In this package we re-create past moments.  If there is a special day, such as the day you met, we can re-create that event and imortalize it through film.  If acting in your own short doesn’t sound appealing we can travel around to important places with the bride and groom and capture them reminiscing while telling the story behind the event. These videos can be prepared prior to the wedding day and used during the reception.



Rehearsal Coverage – The wedding rehearsal and dinner can be an amazing time for friends and family.  Let us come in and film these memories.  (Includes 4 hours of coverage) – $500

Extra Coverage – We can film any other aspects of your wedding such as family member interviews or film a short story about the couple meeting.  - $200/hr

Customized packages are also available.