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Get Wedding Gown Ready! | Want to fit into that wedding gown of your dreams? Improve your skin tone? Feel less stressed and more energized and focused during the planning process? Thousands of Brides have experienced these benefits and more through Nutritional Cleansing. Typical weight loss experienced on a 9-day program is 7-12 pounds. Want to lose more? We also offer 30/60/90 day programs. And the best part? Nutritional Cleansing attacks the toxin-filled fat cells right where they are the most difficult to lose -- right around the belly!

Don't wait! Order your 9-day program NOW and be ready for your big day by calling us or sending us an email. Each 9-day program includes FREE personal coaching. We also hold regular TEAM CLEANSES throughout the year to provide additional support to our clients - contact us or visit www.shakemealshake.com to find out about the next team cleanse.

What is Nutritional Cleansing? | We are living in a toxic world and those toxins attack our body on a daily basis, leading to obesity, poor health, low energy, and many other side effects. Through proper exercise and nutrition, the effects of these toxins can be reduced, leading to better health and optimal weight. The term "cleansing" has gained much attention in recent years. These programs run the gamut from kitty litter colon cleanses to maple syrup/cayenne pepper cleanses. ShakeMealShake offers what we believe is the safest and most effective Nutritional Cleansing program available.

About Us | At ShakeMealShake, we sell a complete line of Nutritional Cleansing products as well as provide FREE coaching to our clients. This is not a fad diet, but a complete nutritional program that we work into your daily routine. The foundation for these programs is a combination of whey protein shakes, aloe vera-based cleansing juice, trace minerals, active enzymes, and lean, healthy meals. And Lots of water! Our shortest cleanse program is 9-days, perfect for that last push before your wedding day. 30/60/90 day programs are for those who want to lose a little more.

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Robin Cermak, Owner of ShakeMealShake.com: Like you probably are, I was very skeptical about "lose weight quick schemes." Then two years ago I saw the amazing results that my sisters had with Nutritional Cleansing and figured -- what did I have to lose? 9 pounds in 9 days! I worked the program into my daily routine and next thing you know I was down from a size 8 to a size 4! But beyond the weight loss, I also found I had more focus and energy. I even competed in my first triathlon! (See Before & After Images Below)

Here's a testimonial from a recent Bride who used our program…

I just finished my 4th cleanse (took 5 weeks with running out of snacks mid-stream) and have lost 16.5 lbs and 26.5 inches!!!! I've retired my fat pants and have rediscovered my regular pants. Now I'm looking forward to my skinny pants!
My wedding dress is "flowy" which is how it's supposed to be! I feel beautiful and thin in my wedding dress....thanks for helping me thru this!
My goals were to be comfortable, energetic and sexy and I've accomplished all 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Lori, Virginia

More testimonials can be found on our website:

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Are You Ready? | Your Beautiful Wedding Gown awaits! And don't forget your Groom! Typical weight loss for a male during a 9-day program is over 10 pounds. We are currently offering a His and Hers pack special that includes enough product for each of you to do a 9-day cleanse. Also ask about our Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid Trio specials! Visit our website (www.shakemealshake.com) to find out more about the products, or call us today to get a program to fit your goals and lifestyle. Your personal coach (Free!) will customize this program specifically for you - and then cheer you on - to be the Best you possibly can be on your special day!

Robin Cermak, Owner of ShakeMealShake.com