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About Us

How It All Started...

For years my wife and I looked for ways to get out from under the thumb of working for someone else. With the economy taking a dive and me losing my job, we had no choice but to find a new road to travel, a way to survive. We discovered the videos I was creating for friends and family was something we could turn into our own business…So We DiD!!! As we begin our new journey, we feel that weddings shouldn’t be the only celebratory event that gets memorialized in our lifetime. Wouldn’t it be great to share your unique and personalized stories and Re~Live some of your everyday adventures? No matter the event, we want to help you capture it.  As a born musician, I visualize the ebb and flow of our personal stories that need to be told.  My style is somewhat abstract and very artistic as I seek to encapsulate familiar surroundings in a distinctive way - the best shots to illustrate your journey. Our prices are competitive and we will gladly work within your budget, So give us a call to help you celebrate and share your roads. 

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Excellent finished product! Highlight film and 45-min film were edited like a love-story- Tim tells a beautiful story through his work and will work with you to incorporate what is most important to you. Excellent vendor all around and well worth the $.

Jan 14, 2013