About Us

Elegant photo booths designed for exceptional events

You deserve the best and with ShutterBooth that is exactly what you will get. ShutterBooth is not a rental booth with a technician - ShutterBooth is an experience with a host.

In Fact our business is to entertain, to delight and to deliver exceptional quality and service.

ShutterBooth is locally owned and operated so we understand your community - your specific needs, your venues and your vendors.

ShutterBooth's local ownership in multiple markets has helped create a network of ShutterBooth owners that take pride in what they do. The local owners build off the experience and knowledge of a national brand delivering exceptional service and a unique design. They will meet with you in person and will work with you one-on-one to make sure your event is a success.

We understand the importance that every detail plays in your special event. Our ShutterBooths are elegantly designed to blend in with your event's décor. You depend on us to provide an added dimension that will take your event beyond special to exceptional.

We customize the experience to your personality and vision. ShutterBooth adds to the rewarding and meaningful experience you have created. Why? Because we consider every moment - from when guests approach our host, pose for photos and sign your scrapbook to the next day when they look at their photo keepsakes and remember your special event.

Why ShutterBooth?

We understand how to make your special event a success
We pledge to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. We understand we only have one opportunity to help make your event a success. That's why we work with you on a one-on-one basis to make that happen.

Professional hosts
ShutterBooth does not employ technicians, instead we provide seasoned, professional hosts who will add to the experience for you and your guests. They interact with each of your closest friends, family and co-workers. ShutterBooth hosts strive to create the most rewarding experience possible for your important guests.

Elegant design
The look and feel of ShutterBooth is attractive. We know that you have spent time and money creating the perfect atmosphere and we want to compliment your efforts. ShutterBooth is only three feet wide and seven feet long. All of the equipment is enclosed within the ShutterBooth. ShutterBooth is petite; however it will easily fit 10 to 15 people inside due to its unique design.

The best part of the ShutterBooth is that it can go anywhere. All we need is a flat surface and access to a standard electric outlet.

Extreme high quality photos
Only premium inks, glossy photo paper and high-quality cameras are used. Our photo laboratory quality prints are ready in about 30 seconds.

Online gallery
Our online gallery will allow you to not only view your photos taken in the ShutterBooth within 72 hours after your event, you may also save, download, purchase or send images to your friends.

Traditional photo strip or photo grid
ShutterBooth offers you the choice between the traditional four pose strip or 4x6 photo grid.

Unique logo design
ShutterBooth will work with you to custom design your logo. We do more than just adding text. Our in-house graphic designers work with you to create a robust logo fulfilling your unique vision.

ShutterBooth scrapbooks are customized for your taste and compliment your colors and logo. The books are prepped before your event allowing your guests and our host to create a beautiful memory for you to take home that evening. We create it for you to cherish forever.