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I specialize in photojournalistic photography and will capture the essence of your wedding celebration with artistic sensibility and respect. The candid approach is best since my goal is to capture those moments and expressions that couldn't be duplicated in a million years. It is important that the images I capture reflect truly felt moments rather than something stiff and contrived. As with everything I photograph, I strive to convey the energy and spirit of the subject without imposing on it.

Even the approach to formals is very loose. Formals can be taken quickly and elegantly without cookie-cutter results! Simply put, you are commissioning an artist to make artwork of your wedding. My goal is to make your wedding photography a fun experience.

I sincerely thank you for your interest in my photography. I love my job and hope to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for photography with you. I realize the sizeable investment you will be making, and I promise to bring every ounce of passion I have for photography and artistry to your wedding. Good Luck with all of your planning, and remember to have fun! This is one of the most wonderful times of your life, and it should be filled with love and joy! Your day will be wonderful no matter what, so try to relax and enjoy.

I hope to see you there!

Darcy Archer

What other Brides and Grooms had to say about Signature Photography…

"We are SO EXCITED about the pictures... they all look fantastic and we're very impressed with your work! You captured the energy and spirit of the day, in a very artistic and non-intrusive manner. The photography couldn't have been better, thanks so much. Again, we just want to say what an amazing job you did! We don't even remember that you were there for many of the photos--which is a tribute to how subtle you are during the whole wedding scene, and how talented you are."
                                                                      Jim & Tracey, Massachusetts

"AHHH!!! We love our pictures! Thank you so so much!"
                                                                      Amanda & Sean, Connecticut

"You are incredible! We are SO grateful for all of your hard work and dedication! Erik & I truly feel that we couldn't have found better people to photograph our special day. Thanks you SO much for everything! The close-up of our rings on the bouquet is absolutely priceless! Vibrant colors and twinkling lights came alive in your reception images.We are also shocked at your ability to get so many quality images in the difficult church lighting. That is why we needed a professional! You had to overcome time constraints, wet and windy conditions, and random back lighting. No doubt, we will be calling you someday to photograph the next special event. Could it be maternity?
                                                                       Erik & Jessica, California

"We were very impressed with your professionalism and photography. We felt very comfortable working with you."
                                                                       Mike & Elizabeth, Connecticut

"Darcy!!! I am so excited!!! I love them! Thank you so much. I showed my co-workers (who love them too) and they said how natural they are and how you were really able to capture our true expressions."
                                                                       Bryan & Marcie, Connecticut