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About Us

Life is a story, and photography is one way to capture and share that story.

I have a deeply-felt appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me, wherever I am. The recognition of this beauty has brought peace to my soul and indescribable joy to my life. But because one of my most significant discoveries was seeing the beauty that photography can bring into the lives of others, my imagery is designed to be shared with others.

I have traveled the world, exploring and documenting various moments with photography over the last twelve years. Through this experience, I have learned how to ground myself and become one with my surroundings--listening, looking, and capturing the underlying essence of my subject matter. From my experiences photographing in a wide array of environments, I have learned the precious skill of photo journalism; capturing a moment without disturbing the surroundings. When applied to weddings, this skill allows me to photograph in a natural, unobtrusive manner so that the celebration is completely unhindered. In this way, I become solely a recorder of the days events rather that a disruptive participant.

I have thought that one of the most important days to document in life is one's wedding day, when family and friends come and share in the celebration of two people in love, coming together as one to start a new, unified beginning. The great thing about capturing such an event with photographs is the way in which one can look back, remembering and reliving each moment years later. But perhaps more importantly, photographs allow you to share the memories of that day with others. With this in mind, I recognize the responsibility in photographing your wedding and would be honored to take part in your special day by telling your story.

Whether or not you choose me to document your day, I would like to personally extend my best wishes to you on your special day. But, if you like my photographic style, I would be delighted to show you more of my work in person and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call and set-up a consultation.

Thanks, Becca