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After years of working in the event planning industry and helping friends and family with their wedding planning, it became clear that the process of shopping for party favors can be quite frustrating. Most favor sites out there tend to be cluttered and disorganized, which makes finding the perfect favor for your event difficult and painful.

Every event calls for a celebration. Whether it is a wedding, a baby shower, or a birthday party, they are all memorable events to remember.  At Simple Gestures, we want you to be able to thank your guest for sharing this important celebration.  The gift of thanks will allow them to always remember this special day.

Simple Gestures was founded to make the process simple and easy – the way it should be. There are other things to worry about when planning any major event and we want to make the favor shopping fun and satisfying. A simple gesture goes a long way and we know that is the exactly what you want to express to your guests.

Visit us at Simple Gestures Wedding Favors to start shopping today.  We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience with us.