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About Us

Stylish...Personalized...Remarkable...Memorable...Stunning...Are these the adjectives you want your guests to use as they leave your wedding? Simply Savvy has the knowledge, experience, creativity and patience to help you create an amazing wedding that reflects the two of you.

Make your wedding beautiful, make it unique, make it stand apart from any other wedding you have seen. Customize your wedding with details that define you.

Dazzle your guests with personalized wine labels, hand-painted monogrammed napkins, and one-of-a kind favors. Intrigue your out-of-town guests with welcome baskets, containing snacks with your own personal labels on them. Captivate your guests with hand-made story-book programs and elegant thank you cards made from your personal photos.

These personal touches bring warmth and originality to your wedding day that family and friends will remember for years to come.

Already have your wedding planned but would love some "detail" help? We are happy to provide any of our products without the purchase of a package. Ask for a price list!

Simply Savvy provides everything you need to create a unique and personal extension of you, at a fraction of the cost.