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Feast your eyes on the Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue!

Seattle has a rich tradition in the raunchy and ribald art of burlesque. Posed at the edge of the U.S., the unruly Northwest serves up a buffet of dancin’ girls and adult entertainment. Today, the neo-burlesque revival that has been taking the country and world by storm is once again celebrated in the ever-moist city. Seattle is home to some of the top names in the U.S. burlesque circuit, including the reigning 2011 Miss Exotic World, and offers a bounty of talent with vast range: classic 1930’s style, modern innovations, exotic interpretations, comedy and performances with social-political commentary.

Among the country’s top titillating talent is Seattle’s longest continually running weekly burlesque show, the Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue. This weekly show is a perfect example of the kind of high class burlesque entertainment cultivated by the city’s thriving community. Every Thursday night, without fail, you can find a marvelous array of burlesque entertainment. As an appetizer to the weekend, guests are treated to 5-6 performers and acts that range from classic fan dances to slapstick comedy. Regularly featured special guests that include aerialists, belly dancers, fire eaters, singers and classically trained dancers can often be found rotating amidst Sinner Saint’s regular cast of stars.

Every 10 weeks these gifted gals put their talents to the test and present a new themed show for your viewing pleasure. They relentlessly rhinestone, strut in stockings, twirl their tassels and stretch their imaginations to bring you, their beloved audience, the hottest show a Thursday night could offer.