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About Us

People are amazing.

That basically describes my approach to event photography: understanding that people are fantastic and beautiful all on their own, and that they don't need my help to make a great photo. So I do very little to interfere with that natural beauty and honest emotion, capturing all of the pure laughter and tenderness that I can as quickly as possible.

When I shoot a wedding, I am surrounded by happy, celebrating people. I just do my best to express their experience through my work so they can relive those cherished moments every time they turn a page in their wedding album. And if that includes a few posed photos of them with Nana, that's okay, too. I know that a strategically posed photo has its place, as does a breathtaking photo that highlights the couple's love for one another. Some moments need a little artistic guidance, but I often find that they don't need much more.

I approach portraits with the same philosophy, because people don't sit in highly uncomfortable and irrational positions on their own. And they don't look good that way, either. I prefer to bring people together and bear witness to their lives for a short time, hoping that what I capture can represent a small slice of who they are together.
If that sounds like what you are looking for, give me a call or shoot me an email. I'd love to work with you.

Tracy Lee
Six Eighty Three Photography