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About Us

SJ Harmon is based in Portland Oregon. His images specialize in a personal narrative approach wrapped in a fun fine art package.

Philosophy~My most treasured strengths in photography are spontaneity and observation. Since the most valuable moments in life do not happen in the rigid boundaries of lists and schedules, these qualities determine the success of my photography.

These strengths serve as a foundation to my philosophy. The honest expressions in unplanned life create the most vivid and sacred memories. These are what I capture, these
are what I give back to you as a story and an heirloom.

This is not possible in a paint by numbers approach. Everyday and person is completely different, so getting to know you, your style and personality is very important. Once we get to know each other I hope we will look at each other friends.

Your true spirit is revealed only when you are comfortable. My photography allows you to be yourself, uninhibited and carefree. I will respond to your interaction and movements, capturing the feelings and details of our time together.

In all I love what I do, and the best part is that it is reflected in my work, which are your memories.

~SJ Harmon

"We have had countless comments from friends and family who are truly amazed at the work that you did...thank you for making such a stressful day less stress-filled. I so appreciate how you made pictures fun and captured so much while I wasn't even looking...You were there during those priceless moments getting all of it on film..."

"You did an amazing job. I cannot thank you enough for documenting our day. Everyone has raved about the beautiful job you did. I cannot wait to see the album."
-Eric & Casey

"Steve captured our wedding with beauty, thoughtfulness and inspiration - we couldn't have hoped for more. Since then we have returned to him again and again. His care and craft have helped us celebrate the stages of our family-story: special events, our sons first months, our family portraits." -Tony

"We appreciate everything that you did on our wedding day. The beginning of our wedding started out kind of rocky and we were worried that the night wouldn't end the way that we wanted it to. But all things worked out and you were absolutely amazing. Your charm, dedication and professionalism helped make our day the most beautiful and enjoyable day of our lives." -Jason & Jen