About Us

SkyHawk Pro believes that you desire and deserve the best for your wedding. That is why we stand ready to provide you with professional wedding videography, using our state – of – the – art video equipment and professional – level editing system. These tools, along with our professional and courteous staff will help you relive the beauty of your wedding for years to come.

Will SkyHawk work within our budget?
Yes! SkyHawk Pro Productions endeavors to make professional videography affordable for everyone. That is why our basic package is well below the market standard. We can also customize any package to meet your special needs. Visit our web site for more information on packages offered.

When do we pay? Our company requires a 20% non-refundable deposit when the contract is signed. An additional 50% of the total is due at the rehearsal. The remaining 30% is due when the final wedding videos are delivered.

How soon should we book SkyHawk Pro Productions? The honest truth is, “the sooner, the better”. Most people begin serious preparations for their wedding at least one year before the ceremony. While we desire to accommodate everyone, it is always best to procure our services at least six months in advance. If this isn’t possible, we will still do our best to fit you into our schedule, but don’t procrastinate, contact us today!

Why videography? Years ago, still cameras were invented in order to capture the moment. Years later, the “moving picture” was created. This new technology brought a different “look and “feel” to the observer. These “early movies” were rough and, for quite some time, without sound. However, modern technological advances have made movies and video a multi-sensory experience.

While still photography will help one “capture the moment”, we (at SkyHawk) believe fine wedding videography will allow a person to actually “re-live the moment”. So why just capture the moment when you can re-live it?

Is the cost of a videographer really necessary? While any "third cousin” could grab a camcorder and “shoot” the wedding; the cost of a videographer is well worth it when one views the final product. Very few amateurs have the ability, or the patience that professional videography demands. The difficult and challenging part is in editing the video. While anywhere from two to ten hours might be spent at the actual ceremony, most professional videographers will spend fifty to sixty hours editing the video. This ensures that you will have the “wow factor” when you view your wedding video.

Don't just capture the moment... RELIVE IT!