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About Us

About Skyline Videography
Skyline Videography is the business venture of Adam and Kim Finlay. Born on two different continents, Adam from England and Kim from South Africa, they met on a third ... right here in Ventura County, California, and were married four and a half years later.

Adam became interested in filmmaking at a very young age when he started making short films and experimenting with stop motion. His passion grew and led him to an internship where his work on music videos gained him experience and extensive knowledge in editing. Today, he is able to combine all the expertise he has acquired over the years, along with his creative eye and imagination, into each individual work of art. A true perfectionist in all he does, he is very particular about using only the best equipment and editing tools for the creation of a gift you'll treasure forever.

Kim compliments the team with structure and efficiency to bring you the service you deserve. Aside from her organizational skills, she assists Adam on shoots, where together they work with tenacity and a common vision.

An intro to the HD Packages
High definition (HD) is quickly taking over as the new standard of picture quality. As plasmas and LCDs continue to replace the old tube television, the difference in quality between high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) will become more apparent. With HD now reaching a picture quality of almost ten times the clarity of SD, coupled with a wider picture offering 16:9 dimensions, it is no question why more people are now choosing this new technology. In addition, HD offers an overall look that is closer to film.