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About Us

Snaplife Studios is a boutique wedding cinema studio located in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area. Forget what you know about the stereotypical wedding video and videographer, we are filmmakers with a passion for creating stunning images in beautiful moving picture and sound. We strive to make wedding films to last a lifetime, capturing more than just the day itself but all the wonderful emotions and stories behind it.

We are filmmakers and storytellers who like to capture each couple's unique personality, and let it shine through in their wedding films. For this reason, we only book a limited number of couples each year so we can work very closely with them, developing their wedding video into a moving story, that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The base package includes eight consecutive hours of coverage, Nick Weeks as your personal cinematographer, and a "coming soon" teaser trailer available online shortly after your wedding.  Many couples choose additional options to enhance the base package, and some of these include:

Highlight Film: a short, 4-7 minute highlight clip encompassing the best of your wedding day and your story, all set to a piece of music, carefully selected bring our your personal tastes.

Feature Film: our most popular option; very similar to the highlight film listed above, just a longer edit, generally lasting around 10-15+ minutes, set to a gorgeous soundtrack and edited in our beautiful storytelling style.

Classic Documentary Edit: Although our films are the most popular offerings, couples still like to experience parts of their day just as they happened. We offer a complete ceremony, special dances or performances, and toasts very minimally edited together so they play back just how they happened. These documentary edits will all contain the original audio, without overlayed music like our film edits.

No matter which edits you decide are the best fit for you, each wedding is shot and edited with the same care and precision as we handle each of our films. We would love to meet you and discuss your wedding and your story, simply fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!



I love your videos! You did my sorority sister's wedding and the video you made for her made me cry! So great!

Nov 23, 2011