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About Us


Keven Johnson, Principle Videographer and Creative Director of SoftArt Video, began his career in Hollywood as an animator, editor and director of photography. With movie making in his blood, Keven weaves wedding images, music and story line into wonderful expressions of love and emotion that go right to the heart.

No two weddings are the same. Keven recognizes this and captures images unique to you and your wedding with sensitivity to your personality and priorities.

Now comes the magic. With superior editing skills and an eye for sequence and composition, Keven begins the intensive time consuming process of compressing the essence of your wedding day into a lush masterpiece of cinematic art. You will love the experience of watching your wedding over and over again.

Brandt of Brandt Photography, who represents SoftArt in the Valley, has stated, "SoftArt is a visual delight. An Artistic Cinematic Celebration. Nothing Short of Spectacular."

Now in Arizona, SoftArt is available to you. More affordable than you might imagine, you can experience SoftArt at the Theater Showroom of Brandt Photography. There you can arrange to meet Marilyn to exchange ideas about your wedding day.