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About Us

Daniella began her reiki training in 2000, when she received her first treatment from a Reiki Master. She was enchanted and inspired, and her eyes were opened to a whole new world of healing potential. She soon began studying reiki, and in 2005 she became a Reiki Master. Fascinated by the field of vibrational medicine, she was drawn to participate in a sound healing training course taught by renowned healer, Tom Kenyon. This work was deeply illuminating and allowed her to discover a unique way to combine reiki and sound therapy for healing purposes.

Daniella is an Usui Reiki Master and certified Sound Healer practicing in the Seattle Los Angeles areas.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a holistic healing energy that helps restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit. It is gentle and non-invasive, inducing states of deep relaxation where healing can take place. Translated from Japanese, reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy" and is an ancient form of hands on healing.

How Does Reiki Work?
The practitioner serves as a channel for the reiki energy, which flows out of the practitioners' hands, and into the recipient. Those familiar with acupuncture know that needles are used to stimulate the energy flow (chi) in the body. Like acupuncture, reiki works as a high frequency stimulus to restore proper flow of your chi by breaking up energetic blockages you may have. These blockages are the causes of illness, and by clearing them, your health can be restored.

What is Sound Healing?
Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound accompanied by the intent to heal. Because our bodies are vibrational systems, sound can have a powerful effect on our physical and mental states.

How does Sound Healing work?
Did you know that your body is in a state of constant vibration? Every atom, cell, organ, gland, muscle, and bone have a normal frequency at which they vibrate when healthy. All parts of your body vibrate together like the instruments of an orchestra. When one organ is unwell and out of harmony, it effects the whole body. This imbalance can result in illness, depression, fatigue, among other ailments.

My goal is to help restore the balance in your body, mind, and emotional state. Using my voice and Tibetan bowls, I create layers of healing tones that help you release the energetic blockages in your body. I use my voice to attain a vibrational resonance with the blockages, and then entrain them into a higher vibational state. This process helps release negative emotions, patterns, memories, and tension held in the body and mind. It also provides an infusion of healing energy to any imbalances you may have.

Treatment Information:
Treatments: A session begins with a personal assessment of what you will need during your treatment. This is generally followed by a sound healing where I use my voice, Tibetan, and crystal bowls to clear your body of any negative or stagnant energy. The sound healing will also bring an infusion of positive and constructive energy for your body and mind to integrate. Following this, is a full body reiki treatment that will leave you feeling peaceful and deeply relaxed.

I am also available for outcalls if you are not able to come to my office. There will be a small travel fee depending on distance.