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About Us

Spiral Studio loves to add beauty to your life by designing with your personality and needs at the forefront! We’ve been doing weddings, big and small, fancy and casual since 2001…ten years of happy couples and celebrations filled with simple, effortless-looking designs that enhance the spirit of the day with subtle sensual joy!

You start your relationship with Spiral Studio by sitting down with Janet Baker, owner and designer, and sharing your vision of your wedding day. How do you want to live your wedding day? What do you want your guests to experience? What’s most important to you? What are your values? Which flowers make you most happy? This is the inspiration behind every Spiral Studio creation.

** A limited number of weddings are being accepted this year. Janet is currently a part-time nursing student! Even though she loves her new career path, she plans always to do creative work part-time because it’s her passion! Call today and schedule a consultation for your wedding! **