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About Us

For my own wedding several years ago, I decided that I would hand-paint my invitations. I drew the design, and painted it onto each and every one. I also painted it onto place cards, table cards, and even 225 feet of aisle runner! The entire wedding had a theme that was a reflection of the mood we were trying to create for the day. And I loved that it was unique to us. Nobody else in the world would have the same invitation. Guests went out of their way to let us know how gorgeous the invitations were after they received them in the mail. At the wedding, everyone marveled at the artwork on the runner and the stationery at the reception. They could not believe the painstaking attention to detail, and how very special it was. I loved it.

This is what inspired me to start Starry Night Design Studio, and today we have a full collection of handmade wedding invitations, that are very unique.

The Hand-Crafted Collection offers beautiful papers in amazing textures, patterns and colors; complete with ribbons and adornments, and each one is assembled by hand.

The Hand-Painted Collection boasts original artwork that is drawn and painted individually by hand onto each and every one (they are not mass printed).

Each collection gives you the opportunity to alter the style by playing with color, layout, size, paper, ribbons, etc. so that YOU can make it the perfect invitation ensemble for your perfect day. The possibilities are limitless and are much more extensive than we can show in any catalog.

Lastly, if you have a particular idea or motif in mind, we can custom-design artwork for you. The exact artwork will NEVER be used for anyone else, so you can create your very own stationery ensemble - hand painted by an artist - exclusive to you.

Please visit to see our catalog, and to get our own creative juices flowing. Please mention to receive a discount on your order. Free samples are available for a limited time, so please be sure to request one, so you can see the quality up close.

We want you to love your wedding invitations just as much as I did!!

Congratulations on your engagement, and enjoy your wedding planning.