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About Us

Cakes as delicious as they are beautiful.
Starry Nights Custom Cakes & Catering knows that your wedding cake should be beautiful and unique...but delicious too! We bake a sumptuous variety of exquisite cakes, custom designed just for you. All Starry Nights Cakes are baked from scratch with the highest quality natural ingredients, including fresh fruits (when available), imported chocolate, and whole butter and cream. We offer both classic cake flavors, and a boutique line featuring gourmet liqueurs and flavors.

A Starry Nights Wedding Cake includes:

  • A private, complimentary consultation to sample a variety of cakes with the very chefs who will create your wedding cake!
  • Coordination with your florist if fresh flowers are desired
  • A complimentary First Anniversary Cake one year later

To schedule a consultation, click here to send a request or please call.

All cakes are priced by the serving. Each serving is approximately 1.25x2" and 3" high.

Classic line
Prices begin at $4.75 per serving, and apply to a cake of one uniform flavor.

  • Starry Nights Signature Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Rich, moist, chocolate fudge cake layered with bittersweet chocolate mousse, and covered in decadent chocolate glaze
  • Elegant Lemon Cake
    Our most popular wedding cake. Creamy handmade lemon mousse filling, layers of vanilla chiffon cake, sweet raspberry jam, and topped with a tangy lemon curd. Elegant and delicious.
  • Classic Cheesecake
    Handmade silky vanilla or chocolate cheesecake, topped with seasonal fruit.
  • Ultimate Carrot Cake
    Hand-cut carrots mixed into rich, moist cake filled with walnuts and raisins, and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting.

Boutique line
Prices begin at $6 per serving, and apply to a cake of one uniform flavor.

  • The Bavarian
    This Black Forest cake combines rich cherry brandy-soaked chocolate cake with layers of chocolate mousse, Bavarian cream, and is filled with brandy-soaked cherries.
  • The Bellagio
    Indulge in three layers of light, sweet vanilla chiffon cake baked with fresh ground hazelnuts, and filled with rich chocolate mousse folded with more hazelnuts and rich praline buttercream.
  • The Dublin
    This decadent Irish Cream-inspired cake features our signature chocolate cake layered with Bailey's Irish Cream mousse and chocolate buttercream.
  • The Florence Tiramisu
    Moist vanilla chiffon cake soaked in a coffee-Kahlua syrup, filled with rich mascarpone cream and decadent chocolate mousse.
  • The London Trifle
    Our light chiffon cake is infused with madeira wine syrup, then layered with handmade vanilla pastry cream and rich Bavarian cream filled with seasonal fresh fruit, and frosted in our decadent signature buttercream. (seasonal)
  • The Malaysian Mango
    Rum-soaked vanilla chiffon cake, filled with silky, creamy mango mousse and layers of handmade lime curd, and frosted with rich vanilla buttercream.
  • The Milan
    Delicate vanilla chiffon cake infused with Frangelico, filled with layers of rich chocolate mousse, Frangelico-hazelnut buttercream, and baked hazelnut meringue.
  • The North Pole
    A peppermint bark-inspired cake with alternating rich chocolate and vanilla chiffon layers, filled with white chocolate peppermint Bavarian cream mousse and candy cane chunks.
  • The Sevilla
    An orange creamsicle in a cake! Vanilla chiffon cake infused with peach schnapps, layered with rich orange and white chocolate mousse, and topped with vanilla and peach schnapps buttercream frosting.
  • The Pacific Northwest
    If you love fresh berries, this cake is for you. Vanilla chiffon cake infused with Chambord raspberry liqueur, and layered with vanilla pastry cream and handmade fresh raspberry or strawberry mousse, then frosted in decadent white chocolate buttercream.
  • The Versailles
    Decadent champagne buttercake infused with champagne syrup, filled with sweet raspberry jam and rich champagne sabayon buttercream.
  • The Vienna Opera
    Rich coffee-soaked vanilla chiffon cake layered with chocolate fudge buttercream and mocha Bavarian cream.
  • The Yucatan Spice Cake
    Cinnamon-cardamom spice cake layered with cinnamon-chocolate mousse filling, fudge buttercream, and covered in silky chocolate ganache.
  • The Zurich
    Hot chocolate with marshmallows is the inspiration for this rich chocolate fudge cake, layered with whipped marshmallow creme filling, covered in chocolate buttercream, and served with warm Godiva chocolate liqueur sauce on the side.