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About Us

Our premarital counseling seminar is designed for both heterosexual and same-sex couples considering or in the process of making a life commitment to each other, or newly married.  Imago professionals will educate couples who participate in this one-day seminar about:

  • Relationship stages - from romantic love to the power struggle to vintage love and the conscious relationship
  • Questions to ask before getting engaged or saying "I do"
  • Creating a relationship vision
  • Using the Imago Dialogue to stay connected
  • The value of apprecations and maintaining positive daily interactions
  • Follow-up resources for continued connection
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Benefits of Our Premarital Workshop

  • One day format to maximize your time investment
  • Workshop focuses on relationship skills and topics of greatest interest to couples
  • Enjoy the company of other couples but maintain privacy - all exercises are done independently
  • Fun and interactive way to fulfill premarital counseling requirements for your ceremony

What Participants are saying about our Premarital Workshop

  • "Positive and eye opening and helpful.  Thank you for a great day!"
  • "A valuable reminder that it's easy to talk but much harder to listen."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the other couples who shared their own experiences and opinions."
  • "As complicated as relationships can be, having tools to support the effort and prioritizing the time to learn about those tools strengthens the commitment between couples. I would recommend Imago to my loved ones just as it was recommended to me."
  • "Encourages couples to focus on their relationship and evaluate their communication"