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I LOVE THE Photos!!!!! You're so amazing- I'm so glad I found you:)!! I really couldn't be happier! Here's what my florist had to say -- (The portraits…you are absolutely stunning…you and Ray together…incredible. You must tell your photographer that I have seen literally tens of thousands of wedding portraits and NONE, absolutely NONE of them have been this good. How amazing…apparently he's fun to work with too or he wouldn't have gotten such response from you two! VERY IMPRESSIVE).
- Kat Nix

Adam and I both want to Thank You for making everything so much fun, from engagement photos to bridals and then the wedding...you were fabulous!!! We were able to get outstanding photos and make memories along the way thanks to you. Thank You!!! - Leah and Adam Bass

Jenn and I really love the photos!!! Thanks a ton Steve. Once again, your work speaks for itself. -Mike and Jenn Bennett

You were great, Steve! I appreciate the pointers you kept giving me as you were taking pictures. I felt so comfortable and at ease. I got my pictures today and OH MY GOSH! It looks so pretty! Didn't expect it to be that large...almost life-like! -Annie Murray

Photographer Steve McKinney captures your wedding day with unforgettable, powerful images. His photography , while influenced by fashion, documents all the joy and emotion of your wedding day. Each moment is as unique as the bride and groom, Through his creative eye, combining traditional poses with photojournalism, Steve tells your story from beginning to happily ever after.