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The time between "I will" and "I do" is one of the most wonderful, stressful, exciting, hectic, and important of your life. Every decision you make, every item checked off the list, and every day that passes takes you one step further away from engaged and one step closer to married. Participating in a Premarital Counseling course will help you and your fiance ease the pressures of wedding planning and acquire the long term skills necessary to keep your love for each other growing in the right direction for years to come.


The Premarital Counseling Course is designed to help couples find and improve on their strengths as well as identify and address areas that may need some minor adjustment. You will learn communication skills that make a difference, conflict resolution skills that work, and how to develop simple daily habits that will keep you both emotionally and spiritually connected. 


The course is available in two formats: private or group. While the information and skills taught are the same, the experience and interaction is very different. The group course (limited to a maximum of 6 couples) is a one day event that provides you and your fiance the opportunity to learn and share with other couples who are in the same stage of wedding preparation. The private course is taught one session per week over five weeks. This format allows you to receive maximum one on one attention as well as the ability to develop your new skills slowly over time.


Whether you decide on the private sessions or the group class you will benefit from a hands on approach to learning. Unlike other clinicians and pastors who just tell you that communication is important, this class actually gives you specific instructions that teach you how to make effective communication and positive conflict resolution part of your relationship. While you are learning these new skills you will have the chance to practice them, ask questions, and receive feedback from the instructor to ensure you get results.


Keeping your marriage healthy and happy is a life long endeavor. While premarital counseling gives you the best possible start, it does not guarantee your marriage will be perfect. It is normal for newlyweds to go through some growing pains as they adjust to their new life together. For this reason the Premarital Counseling Course includes an additional private session to be used at your discretion any time during the first year of your marriage. It is not required, but it's there if you need it.


For more information or to register for a premarital course please contact Bryan at bryan@bryantruelove.com

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