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About Us

Who are we?
Studio Nouveau is the fusion of two creative minds, brought together to bring you the utmost in creative documentary wedding photography.

This isn't photography for the faint of heart; we'll go the distance to get the photo that makes your heart race when you look at it years later. Sure, we'll still do the pretty group shots that your family will all want for their mantles. But we'll also do the romantic ones of you and your guy alone on the beach. The sassy ones of you and your girl smooching in a dried up fountain. The chic ones of a bride and groom just happening to go for a stroll down a busy city sidewalk.

Kate has her degree in illustration, meaning she's more than willing to take a skewed look at a scene to find a unique angle for the perfect composition. This includes but is not limited to behavior such as suddenly dropping to the ground or climbing to any height possible, so do not be alarmed if this is witnessed. It's all in the name of great art.

Born in South Africa, Lara is what we like to call The Funny One. Sure to keep the couple as well as her partner laughing, Lara brings a quirky eye to every shot she frames. Her easygoing manner immediately puts subjects at ease, allowing her to get incredibly natural portraits.

Who are you?
Bride or groom, beautiful photography is of the utmost importance to you on your wedding day. A unique perspective—an artist's eye—these are the traits you look for in your photographers. Oh, and you want to have a blast working with them, too. And no, that's not too much to ask.