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Fast. Simple. Fun

Our photo booths were created to be efficient and minimize the amount of space needed at your event. In minutes our booth can be moved to a different location at your venue to meet the needs of you and your guests.

A photo booth no longer needs to be a large eyesore that prints one photo every 3 minutes. That's another thing, we don't print pictures at Stylus Booths, a small photo will be lost and forgotten. We instantly upload your pictures online so you can view them on your smartphone during the party. This method is more efficient, up to date, and ultimately cuts down on costs for us and more importantly you! We are also flexible. Have a unique idea that's not on our site? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Is This Expensive?

No! And we're not going to nickel and dime you. We have a flat rate that gets you the photobooth and a well dressed assistant for the duration of your event. Let's keep it simple, you have enough to worry about. Our pricing section has all the details.

Our Photo Booth

Battery powered! It's small, beautiful, and only needs a wall and a bunch of happy people. Fully battery powered which means no cords for your guests to trip over, that is unless the party goes all night, then we may need to plug in for a few minutes. Just press the button, smile, and either flick through the touch screen to view your photos or take out your smart phone and look at the photos instantly. That's right, your photos upload instantly to our site for your viewing pleasure.


Built to be the life of a party that's not in the way of your party.



Fast. Simple. Fun. Our paperless photo booths were built with your party in mind. The moment you snap a photo it's instantly uploaded to our site where you can view all your photos on your mobile phone or tablet. No waiting around for printed pictures that will be lost and forgotten. Your pictures stay on our site forever.