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About Us

People often ask Sara and Jim why they chose to photograph weddings. Sara's reply, "we are addicted to wedding cake". But seriously, it is their affinity for people and the ability to artfully record what often becomes a family's history.

Sara and Jim approach photographing weddings as a storyteller would. There are, of course, all of the important moments to capture the walk down the aisle, for instance. But, like any good storyteller, they also convey all the telling small moments both humorous and sentimental that make your wedding unique.

Working as a husband and wife team, they combine two cameras and two perspectives to produce a finished product with one vision. Sara and Jim are intent on producing the highest quality results through their shared vision as this is one of the most important days of your life. Moreover, the people and the place which becomes so much a part of this day must not be overlooked.

The "two cameras, two pespectives" come together to capture every detail and every essence of the day's events -the people, place, food, laughs, cries, hugs - they are committed to capturing as many aspects of this rich atmosphere of love and joy.