657 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
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About Us

Anything can happen here

supperclub is the place where you can tell your own story! We provide the canvas for your wedding celebration and offer to you our experienced staff, gourmet food, music, performance, video, or what ever your dreams may call for. We do this every day and will work with you to create your very special once-in-a-lifetime event!

Our venue consists of three main areas, all of which can be used for different purposes, to create a unique experience and to cater to any and all needs possible. 

Salle Neige

Our amazing two-level Salle Neige provides reclining on dine-in-beds for 200 guests. Several ceiling rigging points allow our aerial acts to let you gasp while sipping on custom-made cocktails. Watch our kitchen crew prepare your gourmet-meal in our open-view kitchen. An optional DJ booth and one of the best sound systems in the city allows any form of acoustic aura. A huge video screen allows you to show your own pictures or video, or a custom creation by our artistic director made just for you. Elegant LED-lighting can drench the venue into any color you like - whether you need a subtle background for your flower arrangements or eye-popping strobe when you are ready to rip up the dance floor!

Bar Rouge

Preceding the Salle Neige you will first enter the elegant Bar Rouge. Have your guests enjoy a cocktail before they enter the Salle Neige through two revealing swing doors. The Bar Rouge features a round bar, big enough to serve dozens of guests, with abundant seating all around, in a deep blood-red color. Different music and lighting is available here and we can create a different experience to provide just the right contrast to the Salle Neige.

Chambre Noir

Shock your guests with the obscure Chambre Noir! Here you will find anything you may want to strap your in-laws to. Chains on the walls. A stripper pole. A jail! All black, the Chambre Noir provides a perfect counterpoint to the Salle Neige. A separate DJ booth allows you to create a whole new atmosphere in this room which holds up to 80 guests. Set this room up as a chill-lounge and have your guests relax in the optional 25-person all-white leather bed. Or enter the venue through Chambre Noir and create a while different experience when you lead your guests through here into the main venue.

Our Staff

We provide full bar and dinner service staff, from the highest professional pedigree. Have a sexy hostess (or tranny!) host your event. Have our creative director design your event with you and have our performers blow you away. Ask for any kind of music for your after-party and we provide it. Enjoy passed finger-foods, a 6-course gourmet meal, welcome cocktails, massage therapy, and have us manage your guest list. We'll take care of it for you.

Talk to us! We will work with you whatever your heart desires. We have hosted endless events at supperclub and would love to welcome you for your very special occasion.